Frequently Asked Questions About Pain Treatment

Could Pain Treatment Help Me?

If you have pain that has been unresponsive to previous control measures, have painful conditions that are not surgically corrective, or if unrelieved pain interferes with your normal life activities, you may want to explore Pain Treatment.

What is Pain Treatment Like?

You will be seen by a physician specializing in pain management.  Your medical history will be taken and reviewed and your symptoms evaluated.  A Pain Management Program will be discussed with you, and, if appropriate, pain interventions will be used that usually lead to a progressive decrease in pain.

How is Treatment Determined?

Each treatment program is tailored to individual needs and is based upon a patient’s pain history, diagnostic studies and physical findings. During recent years, pain therapy has improved significantly due to the use of new pain management techniques. Better understanding of pain mechanisms has led to more sophisticated approaches to pain management.

Will My Health Insurance Cover My Visits?

Most health insurances do cover treatment for the management of pain. Our office will gladly arrange for the billing of Medicare, private health insurances, Workman’s Compensation, Medicaid and HMO authorizations.

Please call to discuss any other questions you may have, we’re here to help!